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Hair Q&A


Hair Q&A



Hello my lovely people I hope you are enjoying your new year and are recovered from new years eve. We of course will be answering some more questions that we have been asked this winter season. All comments and questions are welcome so shot them at us and we’ll answer them.

First we have a question that a lot of people have on their mind in the shower…… Is hot water good for your hair?






Is hot water OK to wash my hair in?






Actually washing your hair with warm water is fine, but that scalding hot water that a lot of females love to shower in is not. Heat expands the cuticle of the hair and when that’s open the hair is more receptive of damage. So busting it open and leaving it expanded will lead to split ends, prone to damage, as well as fading if its colored hair. So try to stick to a warm or lukewarm water when washing your hair. This will smooth down the cuticle making your hair feel less frizzy and less prone to damage (does not include hot tools). 





How do I get body in my thin hair?






Having thin lifeless hair can be frustrating, adding texture to that type of hair adds life to the hair. Use of products is key and a little bit of teasing will get you far. When picking a product trying using a living power on the roots, a texturing spray, or root plumper. Make sure you pay attention to the roots, that’s how your going to get the desired volume.


Hope these tips help you out, please drops some questions on our facebook, or here.  Happy New Years!

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