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Hair Q&A

  Let us know some of your hair concerns, your frizz, your color, cuts, the products you use? What’s not working for you, what you need, what tools you use, hair routine? Anything hair let us know, we will help you out.   Question: Why does my hair feel dry in the winter? Answer: Due…
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Christmas Gift

    Give your special someone the gift of great hair. Grab some hair care products for everyone one on your list and don’t forget yourself. Some good products to fill those stockings full with are good for your hair and wallet. Loma A all natural fruit and plant based product that is free of harmful…
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Valentine’s Special: Luscious Chocolate Facials!

This Valentine’s Day, give your loved one an experience that will feed the senses…  Indulge in a luscious chocolate facial! Dark chocolate, with a high flavonal content, can reduce the risk of certain cancers, is good for the cardiovascular system and can increase blood flow to the brain. Chocolate is high in antioxidants. A recent…
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Soft Hair: 6 Myths and Tips

Boho stylist Tori del Campo hears one question repeated during her days creating hair art: How can I keep my hair feeling soft and looking great?    Here’s Tori’s list of candid answers.   MYTH Mayonnaise works as a good at-home hair treatment mask. According to Tori, it’s fairly useless. The science-based reason? Mayo’s fat-based…
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